Baklanov Dennis Alexandrovich, 1983-2004 

: Copenhagen, Denmark


Dennis, as he introduced himself in 2002 in his essay to CBS.

  Personal background
I was born on 19.11.1983 in Novosibirsk, Russia. After two years in Siberia, my family moved to Murmansk in northwest Russia, near the Finnish and Norwegian border. When I was nine, my family moved again to Umeaa, Sweden. My father and mother are both scientists in the areas of atmospheric physics and remote sensing respectively. My stay in Sweden lasted five years, including six months in Vienna, Austria. About five years ago my father received a position at the Danish Meteorological Institute, and my parents, my younger brother and myself came to Copenhagen.

  Education and work
All of my recent and most important education was taken in Copenhagen. Since my Danish was practically non-existent when I first came here, I realized that a Danish school was not a good idea for me, and that I probably wouldn't get good enough grades to get into a good gymnasium. Hence, I went to the Rygaards international school in Hellerup, which offered very good education.
While attending gymnasium, I was employed in a Danish company, where I was responsible for locating and marketing to potential clients in Russia and Eastern European countries. Together with Economics classes, this job gave me valuable real world business experience. Hence, the B.Sc. in IB was an obvious choice for me. Luckily, I got my International Baccalaureate Diploma with high grades (including the highest grade in Business) and was accepted into the programme at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS).
International direction is very important for me, because I am used to studying in this environment. I have lived in many different countries with different cultures and business traditions; this gives me knowledge of several languages (English, Russian, Danish, Swedish and some German).

Sports are also a very important aspect of my spare time. From the variety of my physical activities, hockey is the one that I have most passion for. Hockey is the perfect sport for ones physical development. It trains most body parts, but also it develops tactical and strategic ways of thinking. This a good example of a team sport, where one learns to cooperate and to depend on ones teammates.

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