In Memoriam - Памяти сына: Dennis Baklanov - Денис Бакланов (19.11.1983 – 7.08.2004)

It is dreadful to die at 20 years old. It is so unfair to die young, healthy and without being able to realise one’s full potential. On August 7th, 2004, our son Dennis Baklanov drowned in the sea by Islands Brygge.
Dennis was a nice and clever boy, a good friend, an adored son and brother. He went through his life without fear, tried always to be the first, to be the strongest, to be the real man. He had a very, very short, but bright and worthy life.
This fall, he was going to start his last year towards becoming Bachelor of Science in International Business at the Copenhagen Business School, where he was one of the youngest students. He was very happy to study his favourite subject – international business – at Denmark’s best University. A great future seemed to be ahead.

Dennis Baklanov, as he introduced himself two years ago in his essay to CBS and on his web site:

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